Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gorman Family Tree

I have tracked this family back to Daniel GORMAN (born 1800 Ireland) and Margaret ???? (born Ireland 1799)

They were the parents of Hugh GORMAN born 1841 (Glasgow). Hugh GORMAN died in 1905 and his death certificate states that the parents were Daniel GORMAN and Margaret GORMAN (Maiden Name RUSSELL). However, subsequent searches have failed to find a Margaret RUSSELL. The 1841 census of Bridgegate, Glasgow has a Daniel GORMAN occupation surgeon, married to a Margaret FITZSIMMONS and all the Catholic birth registers appear to have them as the parents of numerous children, all born Glasgow. This is still a work in progress.

Census Clip 1841 Bridgegate, Glasgow (click to enlarge)

Birth clip Patrick Gorman (click to enlarge)

Birth Clip Daniel Gorman (click to enlarge)

Birth Clip Thomas Gorman (click to enlarge)

Birth Clip Hugh Gorman (click to enlarge)

What is established, is the following information as the certificates bear out the lineage from this point. (All the above is unsubstantiated)

Hugh GORMAN married Mary Ann DUKE in 1869. They had one child, also called HUGH who was born in 1871, Deptford, Kent.

Marriage clip for Hugh GORMAN

Hugh GORMAN (1841-1905) was a Shoemaker and it was this occupation that I had to track through the census returns when I came to a dead end in the GORDON family tree. His son Hugh's birth certificate (1871) states that his full name is Hugh Russell GORMAN, born 8th March 1871.

By the time Hugh GORMAN married Annabella HODGIN in 1889, Edinburgh, he had changed his surname to GORDON but the parents names of Hugh GORDON and Mary Ann DUKE (by that time deceased) were noted on the marriage certificate.

Marriage clip of Hugh GORDON and Annabella Hodgins

I have tracked the following through the census returns:

1841 Daniel GORMAN surgeon (young Hugh was not born at the time the 1841 census was taken)

1851 Hugh GORMAN - recorded as a stepson (aged 8) to Patrick MORGAN (aged 28) and Margaret MORGAN (aged 46) (both surgeons) Calton, Glasgow. There is also a brother Thomas MORGAN aged 25 on this census. (All apart from Hugh are recorded as being born in Ireland, Hugh is recorded as Lanark, Glasgow) This may suggest that Margaret had been widowed and remarried (but what of the other children?) as Hugh appears as a stepson. Did all the other children die? (e.g. Thomas) and perhaps Daniel and Patrick moved away or marry as there was a difference in ages, having been born in 1828, 1829 then Thomas 1840 and Hugh 1841? The surgeon/midwife/physician occupations seem to suggest that she remarried another doctor perhaps? Still in Scotland at the time of the 1851 census.

1861 Hugh now appears as a Boot and Shoe Maker on the Ardwick, Manchester census, with his mother Margaret as a Midwife. The ages have been rounded to 20 and 60 for Hugh and Margaret but the births confirm Ireland, Down for Margaret and Scotland, Glasgow for Hugh. Birth locations bear out the hypothesis that these are the correct Gormans, as does Margaret's occupation. She appears to be widowed again.

By late 1860s, they are located further south in Deptford Kent.Unfortunately, certificates such as the marriage certificate of Hugh GORMAN to Mary Ann DUKE and the subsequent birth certificate of young Hugh in 1871 don't contain the same amount of information as Scottish certificates, so no mention is made of the mother on the marriage certificate.

1871 Hugh is now married to Mary Ann (having married Mary Ann Duke in 1869)and they appear on the 1871 census for Deptford, Greenwich. Hugh is a bootmaker. There is a record of a William as a son aged 12 years(who is probably a son to Mary Ann before she married Hugh) and young Hugh 2 months old (born Deptford, Kent). The census for England 1871 was taken on the night of 2nd April 1871.

1881 By 1881 Hugh and young Hugh (ages 49 and 12 on Scottish 1881 census) appear to have moved to Scotland and are resident at 20 North Cumberland Street, Barony, Lanark, Scotland. Hugh is still down as married and a Shoemaker, which may suggest he has moved to Scotland to seek work and perhaps Mary Ann was too ill to travel?? Being resident at this time in Barony, Lanark, Scotland suggests he is near to relatives as this is where he was born in 1841(??)

Some correspondence from rootschat, suggests that a Mary Ann GORMAN appears on the Deptford Smallpox hospital for 1881 (which may suggest she stayed on to work as Hugh appears as married on the 1881 census). She is also there on the 1891 census, also in the Smallpox Hospital. They may simply have separated and gone their separate ways by this time, hence the reason she was registered as deceased on the marriage certificate of Hugh and Annabella.

1891 Hugh (Bootmaker) appears as Hugh GORIN, Shoemaker, Widower in the Tolbooth Edinburgh census. He is a lodger at 15 James Court, Tolbooth, Edinburgh.

1891 young Hugh who has now married is on the census as Hugh GORDON - See GORDON blog)

1901 Hugh GORMAN widower, aged 60, Shoemaker appears as worker (born Lanarkshire) in the Loftus Lodging House, George Square, Edinburgh.

Death clip for Hugh GORMAN died 1905. Note parents are Daniel GORMAN and Margaret RUSSELL.

Death clip for Hugh GORDON (GORMAN) born to Hugh GORDON and Mary Ann DUKE

Marriage clip for a Henry GORMAN who may or may not be related (although correspondence from Australia GORMANs suggests Henry's grandfather was Daniel GORMAN and the location in Deptford seems to bear this out).

The son of Hugh GORDON and Annabella Hodgin was Alexander GORDON who married Elizabeth Keppie McNair. They had one son, also Hugh, who was adopted by the SMITH family after Elizabeth Keppie McNair died. This Hugh Gordon SMITH as he became known, married Janet QUINN and their son Hugh is my husband. Very complicated!! The McNair/Quinn/GORDON/GORMAN photos can be found on the McNAIR blog. See McNAIR blog)